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Our first games
Burger Rush
Arcade running game:
Make burger, run and chill in this satisfying cooking game.
100,000+ downloads
My Airport
Open your airport, serve customers, send planes and earn a lot of money.

200,000+ downloads
Artur Davydenko, Chief Revenue Officer at HoneyLab, shares case studies from his experience in mature companies such as Playgendary and Google. And how they use ethics when launching their gaming startup. You will learn what Honey Lab defines as "transparency" and what methods are used to implement it in all business processes.
Our first text interview with Game On!
Our CRO, Artur Davydenko shares how to build and scale hybridcasual games.


  • Where he sees opportunity withn hybridcasual.
  • How HoneyLab distributes and monetizes their games.
  • A critical tip for founders of new hybridcasual studios. ⚠️

Read more: https://gameonnewsletter.substack.com/p/artur-davy...
We raised $1M investments to create fun hybrid-casual games
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